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Biographies of:
    Rudy Guiliani
    Gary Condit
    Imelda Marcus
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Howard Dean
    The Boston strangler
    Pope John Paul II
Other Projects:
    Discovery "Seven Wonders of Resort"
    Discovery Health - She TV 3 seasons of women's health
    Discovery Health - an hour special on premature babies
    Discovery Times a special on back problems
Other Projects:
Shop The World Sandra Karter Productions 15 Episodes of a new syndicated show on NBC (NY) Shopping around the world with designer David Emanuel.
Other Projects:
The "SHOAH" Foundation of Steven Spielberg Interviews With Holocaust survivors in Israel.
Other Projects:
10 Weeks of Reality TV for BRAVO "Stage Moms"
High Profile Interviews with:
Interviews with:
    President Bush
    President Clinton
    Ariel Sharon
    Shimon Peres
    Ehud Barak
Interviews with:
    Billy Graham
    Julia Roberts
    Paul Newman
    Kofi Annan
    Donald Trump
Interviews with:
    Henry Kissinger
    Martin Scorsese
    Wilhelm Dafoe
    Spike Lee
    Cindy Lauper
    Richard Gere
Interviews with:
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Peter Bogdanovich
    Kevin Bacon
    Will Smith
    Jerry Seinfeld
    Whoopi Goldberg
The Columbia Crew The Columbia Crew
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